Counterfeit protection

We are sorry to say that there are many counterfeit Micro-Pak® products on the market. These fakes are not made with our technology or ingredients and do not follow Micro-Pak® quality standards. These counterfeits are sold illegally. The use of these counterfeits is a violation of trademark and patent law and may result in the packaged item (shoes, garments, etc) being held by customs authorities.
The counterfeits may also contain toxic ingredients that could harm consumers as well as damage your products.

We have noted that some factories have mixed counterfeit stickers together with genuine stickers hoping that this will lessen the chance that they will be found out. The factories should be very clear that the use of any counterfeit products, regardless of the quantity is a violation of local and international law.

These fakes, which look like our products and have illegal copies of our trademark, do not contain our technology, will do nothing to protect your products and may contain toxic substances. When factories use counterfeits you are not getting what you paid for. You may also end up with harmful substances in your products and find yourself in violation of restricted substance regulations resulting in major recalls and penalties.

Micro-Pak has taken a four stage approach to counterfeit protection. This involves control of the supply chain, security features, penalties to suppliers using counterfeit products and legal action. Please refer to the boxes below for more information.


The best way to avoid counterfeits is to purchase Micro-Pak® products directly from Micro-Pak Ltd in Hong Kong or from any of our more than twenty authorized distributors around the world. If a factory purchases Micro-Pak® Stickers or Sheets from anywhere else means they will be getting counterfeit products. For a complete list of our distributors please click here.


We have added sophisticated overt and covert security features in our stickers and sheets enabling our security team to unquestionably determine the authenticity of stickers or sheets. We have also developed Security Cards where you can take stickers from your merchandise and send it to Micro-Pak for checking. We will issue a written report usually within one day after receiving your samples.


One of the most effective tools to ensure that you receive only genuine goods is to penalize your suppliers if they use counterfeits. Micro-Pak can work with you on developing this kind of program.


Micro-Pak is continually taking legal action against suppliers of counterfeit products. With your support through sending us samples for checking and penalizing suppliers using counterfeit products we can eliminate the use of fakes.

Security Features

Micro-Pak® stickers and sheets contain sophisticated multi-layered security features that allow us to verify the authenticity of our products. The authentication process is carried out in our headquarters where Micro-Pak specialists can determine without a doubt if a Micro-Pak® sticker or sheets is genuine or counterfeit.

Lot numbers

Each roll of Micro-Pak® stickers and Micro-Pak® sheets has a lot number on the foil pouch. If you have any questions regarding authenticity please send the lot number to Micro-Pak Hong Kong for verification.

Micro-Pak® stickers

Micro-Pak® sheets

Authentication sample card

As some counterfeiters can make copies that look confusingly similar to ours we have also developed an Authentication Sample Card as shown below. You can simply select stickers or sheets that you have received with your orders, attach these to the cards and send them back to us in the self-addressed envelope for checking. We will then report the results directly to you. This has shown to be a very effective method of checking that your suppliers are complying with your requirements.

Anti-Counterfeiting Tool-1
Anti-Counterfeiting Tool-1

For further information about how you can stop counterfeiters please contact