Micro-Pak Services

The Micro-Pak Service Package is a combination of education, training, factory analysis, reporting, corrective action planning, reanalysis and analytics. The goal of the service package is to assist manufacturers in finding and eliminating any shortcomings that may cause mold problems.


On-site training

Individual factory analysis

Regularly scheduled factory audits with critical point checklist

Database analytics

Corrective action plan development (CAP)

Factory follow up for corrective action plan (CAP) completion

Ongoing factory analysis program

Factory analysis reporting

Executive summary

Mold case study

Despite everyone’s best efforts products may still arrive at destination with mold. In such a situation Micro-Pak has the following procedure:


The first step is for the Micro-Pak technicians to gather detailed information on the case and then to perform a sample analysis on the moldy merchandise. This will involve both a physical inspection as well as sampling for mold spores. Outside laboratories may be consulted for more detailed questions. This analysis will serve as the basis of the study.


After the sample analysis is complete and with a full understanding of the problem the Micro-Pak technicians will conduct a detailed factory audit looking for specific shortcomings in the factory that resulted in the mold problem. The technicians will follow the Micro-Pak factory audit protocol and use a variety of sophisticated technical tools during the investigation.


After completing the investigation, the Micro-Pak technical team will summarize the information gathered in both the sample analysis and factory audit with a conclusion on the key issues that may have led to the problem. Micro-Pak will also offer a corrective action plan to avoid any reoccurrences.

Micro-Pak seminars

Micro-Pak conducts regularly scheduled seminars in various locations around the world to educate all involved personnel on the issues of mold growth and prevention. These seminars involve multi-lingual PowerPoint presentations, case studies, demonstrations and in-depth question and answer sessions. Micro-Pak also offers private seminars specifically tailored for particular customer’s requirements. Such seminars can also be organized as part of a customer’s vendor training events.

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